The Short Fiction of Mary E. Lowd

On this page, stories are organized by when they were written.  Mary's bibliography organizes stories by when they were published.
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The Unshelled

      When a collie dog helps a crab-like alien rescue a missing science vessel, the two of them discover a deeper connection than either could have expected.      [~10,500 words]
Crystal Fusion

      A canine security officer, Lt. Vonn, and feline engineer, Lt. LeGuin, find themselves caught in the middle of a very confusing teleporter accident.      [~12,900 words]
Where Have All the Mousies Gone

      A mouse brings her grandmother back after ten years, for one last moment.      [~1,000 words]
  • Daily Science Fiction, upcoming
The Arsenal of Obsolescence

      Lieutenant Natalie Vonn is stranded on a  jungle world, torn between trusting an eerie AI and hostile gerbil-like aliens to help her rescue the rest of her team.      [~6,400 words]
Safe Here in Crest City

      Social media during the zombie apocalypse.      [~850 words]

Excerpt from Purride and Purrejudice

      It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a cat in sight of an empty box, must sit in it.      [~200 words]

Dark Father

      When Erith Danaya faces off with his own daughter, the warlord gets more than he bargained for.      [~800 words]

Summer Strawberries

      Restless during winter break, Jenna decides to summon a summer elemental.      [~4,800 words]
Leo Literary Award (2020) recipient; Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction (2020); Nomination for Cˇyotl Award for Best Short Story

When the Universe Listens

      Can you win a staring contest with the universe?      [~2,000 words]
  • Commander Annie and Other Adventures, upcoming

Octopus Ex Machina

      Chaos happens at the Re-Incorpus summer pool party, and Lora thinks she's figured out who's behind it all.      [~3,400 words]
  • ROAR 11, upcoming

The Were-Raptor and the Seamstress Robot

      Angie and Tyler go on a walk in the forest and discover a magic lamp, but can they agree on how to spend the wishes?      [~1,400 words]
Nawry the Noodlebeast

      A young noodlebeast leaves his people, on a quest to discover what's missing from their world.      [~20,000 words]
  • Commander Annie and Other Adventures, upcoming
In the Roots of the World Tree

      Alia the felotter is summoned by Queen Seltyne to defend her lobster-like people from a mysterious force menacing them.      [~1,600 words]

Heart of an Orca, Grace of a Cat

      The first step to becoming a witch is to meet a familiar.      [~1,300 words]

Galactic Garden

      Ariadella spins galaxies with her silk.      [~1,200 words]

The Soul of the Forest

      A lone wolf must protect her forest from a deadly usurper.      [~3,000 words]
  • Commander Annie and Other Adventures, upcoming

The Unicorn Keeper

      The magical and the mundane meet when a mythical creature becomes a daily responsibility.      [~600 words]

Courtship FTL

      Buying a spaceship is harder when it has a mind of its own.      [~1,000 words]
The Farther One Travels

      Captain Pierre Jacques of the starship Initiative must find a way to comunicate with an electric eel-like alien.      [~2,600 words]
Encounter at Hoppalong

      The crew of the starship Initiative encounters a world of rabbit-like aliens suffering from a mysterious illness.      [~9,200 words]

No Catch

      Some things seem too good to be true.      [~300 words]

Paper Horn

      During lunch at school, a girl makes friends with another girl's pet Smart Pony.      [~300 words]
The Christmas Tree Barn

      This year, Becca thinks it might be time to try out a new kind of Christmas tree.      [~900 words]
Ensign Mewly

      A fearful feline officer aboard the starship Initiative wrestles with a glitch in the lumo-bay programming.      [~1,000 words]
Skin of Reflection

      The ursine exchange officer aboard the starship Initiative awakes from her hibernation and must face off with a mysterious, amorphous, metallic creature on her first mission.      [~6,600 words]
Fact and Myth

      The non-binary, android fox officer aboard the starship Initiative uncovers a series of surprises on the planet where zhe was originally discovered.      [~11,700 words]


      Sunny, a hungry yellow lab, stops for a snack and finds herself battling a cafe full of haunted baked goods.      [~4,200 words]
Awards:  Leo Literary Award (2019); Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction (2019)
Too Cuddly

      Maradia deals with a robot who doesn't want to look like a big teddy bear.      [~900 words]
Prototype Dino 1

      Maradia's new AI program becomes temperamental when she tried to upload it into a robot body.      [~1,200 words]

Speed Questing

      QuestCrusher20 finds herself at a loss when she doesn't stop to read the quest text.      [~1,200 words]
  • Commander Annie and Other Adventures, upcoming
Diamond Dust Heart

      When an android detective follows a trail of illegal drugs to its source, she risks learning more about herself than she wants to know.      [~1,200 words]

Grizzelka's Bridegroom

      Rhun has second thoughts about marrying the great goddess Grizzelka.      [~4,100 words]
Toaster Dragon

      The young breadragon, Tzora, can't fly until she gets fire in her belly and toasts her doughy wings... unless, maybe, she can strike a deal with the fire ants living deep beneath her family's cave.      [~900 words]

The Fire In Her Claws

      No one will take this cat's claws.      [~1,300 words]
Leo Literary Award (2020)
Commander Annie

     When Annie's best friend ditches her, she has to go on an adventure of her own.  In a cardboard spaceship, she flies to the most dangerous planet she's discovered.    [~21,000 words]
  • Commander Annie and Other Adventures, upcoming

Catacomb's Orchestra

      When a cat can mind control mice, she can make them sing for her.      [~900 words]

The Fog Comes On Little Cat Feet

      A cat seeks the source of his growing magical powers.      [~1,100 words]
This Dog For Hire

      When Jove Deadly's sanctimonious sister shows up with a job for him, it can mean nothing but trouble for the down-on-his-luck bloodhound PI.      [~21,300 words]
Awards:  Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2019


      A little girl and her robo-nanny must find her missing robo-dog during the chaos of battle between the president of Earth and the queen of the moon.      [~900 words]
Dry Skin

      A salamander struggling with addiction goes on a blind date and finds more than she expected.      [~3,200 words]

Necessary as a Rose

      Alone on a spaceship with nothing for company but a rose.      [~1,600 words]

My Magic, My Spell

      An ice mage reflects on the spell that was stolen from her.      [~1,800 words]

      At the pizza parlor, Leslie finds an arcade machine that will let her custom design a pet for herself!      [~800 words]
  • Hexagon, upcoming

Rumpel's Gift

      Heidi won't be able to finish her daughter's costume in time for the school play, but a mysterious visitor arrives and offers her a dangerous deal.      [~2,000 words]
  • Commander Annie and Other Adventures, upcoming

Home Remodeling

      A spaceship crashes down to Earth and picks a quick disguise.      [~1,100 words]

Shiny Red Chassis

      A robot designed to assist organic lifeforms struggles with her role.      [~1,500 words]

Fish Heart

      When a cat finds herself entranced by a fish, magic is afoot.      [~1,100 words]

The Fisherman's Robot

      A tiny robot makes more and more grandiose wishes for upgrades to her mechanical body.      [~1,300 words]

Salvador Dali Smile

      A robot with an overclocked brain has trouble fitting into human society.      [~1,500 words]

The Promise of New Heffe

      Jeaunia's family falls apart as the Heffen society on Crossroads Station receives good news.      [~5,900 words]

I Am Mazillion

      A sentient swarm finds a new home and way of life.      [~1,200 words]

Looking for Sentience

      Gerangelo follows a signal, searching for the sentient being who sent it.      [~3,000 words]
Twelve Days of Snow on Crossroads Station

      When the environmental controls go haywire, Crossroads Station is filled with a holiday atmosphere.      [~1,000 words]

The Three Laws of Social Robotics

      Maradia's AI program takes on a life of her own.      [~2,400 words]

When He Stopped Crying

      Through the haze of exhaustion, a new mother faces the consequences of ignoring her grandmother's warnings and taking down the mobile made to protect her new son.      [~1,500 words]

Ecto-Busters One

      Sunny wants to stop for a snack, but the demons pouring out of a portal on the top of the Great Dane building will not wait.      [~1,400 words]

Jetpack and Cyborg Wings

      Mother and daughter set out to fly around Crossroads Station.      [~700 words]

Veins of Black, Dust of Gold

      A metamorphosis.      [~1,000 words]

Hypercrystal Wish

      Jeko spends her recess playing board games alone, until a couple other students come back from the playground.      [~1,300 words]

Wing Day

      Lee-a-lei hosts an unusual party and rite of passage for her daughter.      [~1,500 words]
Awards:  Nomination for Leo Literary Award (2018)

      The crew of the TGN Initiative face a race of aggressive chicken-aliens in the aftermath of a teleporter accident.      [~6,400 words]

Sandbeard the Pirate Otter

      An intrepid pirate must rescue an ocean world from boiling under blaring sunlight.      [~700 words]

Chestnut Wish

      An otter tries to make it through the day, living among squirrels, and caring for an otter toddler.      [~1,800 words]

When the Ghost of the Future Catches Up

      When a demon rides a unicorn, all hell breaks loose on an alien world.      [~1,300 words]

Returning the Lyre

      What if the snake had bitten Orpheus instead of Eurydice?      [~2,500 words]

Geese and Gingerbread

      Wish carefully on magic rocks.      [~1,400 words]

The Fish Kite

      Joan is visited by a forgetful figure from her past.      [~2,000 words]

Not All Dogs

      When Petra gets arrested, Lucky finds himself managing their three adopted kittens on his own.      [~4,200 words]
Awards:  Nomination for Leo Literary Award (2018)

The Blood Portal

      Hanna uses her gravitational magic, fleeing with her son from her dangerous husband, and discovers a mysterious, hidden space station.      [~2,400 words]

The Ugly Sapling

      Not all trees grow the same way.      [~600 words]

Black Out In Space

      A buffalo-like alien babysitting a roomful of bunny-like aliens finds herself and the little lapines in the middle of a black out.      [~2,000 words]
Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2019

Katelynn and the Hummingbird

      A cat goes on a wild adventure with a hummingbird who isn't what it seems.      [~2,400 words]

Treasure Moon

      The squirrel-like Rikkita chases down the clues to the final phase of her heist.      [~1,100 words]

Sky River

      Today, the ice rings melt.      [~550 words]

The Spider In Her Lungs

      Moira struggles to complete her greatest work of art before the source of her own talent consumes her.      [~1,000 words]

Huckle's Puddle

      When a boy looks at his upside down reflection in the puddles on a rainy day, his world turns upside down as well.      [~2,500 words]
  • Commander Annie and Other Adventures, upcoming

The Unification of Worlds

      The final world in a generations-long journey.      [~3,500 words]

Crystal and Rainbow

      Musings on the power of an accurate metaphor.      [~500 words]

Moon Dust

      Rainal is almost out of moon dust.      [~1,400 words]

Brain-Dead Baby Jesuses

      The snow is coming for Miley.      [~1,100 words]

The Moon Like an Unhatched Egg

      Four uplifted birds compete for the right to represent Earth on a mission to Mars.      [~2,800 words]
Awards:  Nomination for Leo Literary Award (2017); Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction (2017)

On the Eve of the Apocalypse

      A letter written as the world ends.      [~700 words]

Anger is a Porcupine, Sadness is a Fish

      A woman returns to her village to find herself beset by another's spells.      [~900 words]

Missing: Friendly Spook

      A friendly feline ghost goes missing.      [~1000 words]

Between the Black Holes

      The only escape for Clarity and Iroh is a deadly dangerous maneuver in deep space.      [~1000 words]

Crescent Horns and Tall Ears

      An unguloid at the All Alien Cafe introduces herself to a group of uplifted lapines.      [~1000 words]

Welcome to Ob'glaung

      Four aliens go on a trip together to a water-filled space station in the Lintar Oligarchy.      [~1,200 words]

For the Sake of Mushrooms

      Irudy struggles with her inner demons as she flies her cargo ship past the red giant that swallowed her home world.      [~600 words]

The Oldest One

      Anno can't find enough time alone with her mother.      [~1000 words]

The Pink Agate

      Clori's children won't stay in bed.      [~1000 words]

Treasure in the Sky

      A badger-like alien wrestles with a larger universe than he'd imagined.      [~600 words]

Inalienable Rights

      An uplifted lapine faces his former slaver.      [~900 words]

Somewhere Over the Ocean

      A whale-like alien makes first contact for here world with visitors from the stars.      [~1,200 words]

The Night Janitor and Alien Oceans

      Some scientific discoveries happen after the scientists have gone to sleep.      [~1000 words]

A Jetpack of a Different Color

      Wendy's ready for a day of atmo-surfing with her friend Flooffle, but first, she's in for a big surprise.      [~300 words]

The Emperor's New Bird

      A bio-engineer and a roboticist bring offerings to the Doraspian emperor.      [~500 words]

Welcome to the Arboretum, Little Robot

      Chirri's robot is malfunctioning.      [~500 words]

Waking Up in the Genie Shop

      An amphibioid alien undergoes a massive transition.      [~1,100 words]
The Best and Worst of Worlds

      Consul Eliana Tor, an exchange officer on the Tri-Galactic Navy ship Initiative, gets swept into a conflict between the cats and dogs of the navy and a dangerous alien race that they've encountered before.      [~6,900 words]

Principles Over Profit

      An avian salvage worker enlists an uplifted lapine to help her find a wrecked ship with especially valuable cargo.      [~1,100 words]

Of Starwhals and Spaceships

      When a spaceship flies through a flock of sentient space whales, an unlikely friendship springs into existence.      [~1,000 words]
Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2018

Queen Doripauli and the Sproutlings

      An amphibioid alien must choose between her floral Doraspian lover and her conscience.      [~1,000 words]

Thirty Honey Feasts To Go

      Marga and her crew are hibernating their way through the stars.      [~700 words]

An Aldebaran Sugar Cookie for Star Shaker

      Chirri attends a concert among the stars.      [~800 words]

Clever Hansel 2000

      An equine alien brings her dancing partner, an equine robot, to take the sentience tests.      [~1,100 words]

The Crowds on Crossroads Station

      An uplifted lapine discovers he has a new option available when his slaver brings him to an alien space station.      [~700 words]

A Sense of Clarity

      A young bartender at the All Alien Cafe makes friends with a shady patron.      [~3,500 words]

One Alien's Wreckage

      A salvage team comes across something surprising in a wrecked ship's cargo hold.      [~800 words]
Awards:  Nomination for Leo Literary Award (2017)
One Alien's Wings

      Maradia helps a butterfly-alien become her true self.      [~800 words]

Galaxy Shaker and the Celestial Rainbow Dragon

      A reptilian pop-star invites a small fan up on stage with her.      [~700 words]

The Words in Frosting

      Chirri the felinoid baker advises a confused robot.      [~1,400 words]

Of Cakes and Robots

      Chirri gets her biggest order for a cake yet, from a surprising customer.      [~900 words]

Heart of the Gas Giant

      Arellnor dives into the heart of a gas giant, hoping the rumors are true.      [~800 words]

Go High

      A mouse-like alien gets lost in the clouds of New Jupiter.      [~800 words]

Winged Folk Only

      A mouse-like alien wants to fly with the avians.      [~1,000 words]

Elephantine Daydream

      Jeko is the only elephantine sentient in a classroom full of canine and robotic students.      [~800 words]

True Feast

      Argelnox has fallen behind the star migration, but perhaps she'll stop for a respite.       [~400 words]

The Empty Empire

      World after world is built, but who will live in them?      [~300 words]
Questor's Gambit

      Commander Bill Wilker, a Collie dog on the Tri-Galactic Navy ship Initiative, must protect his crew from a mysteriously powerful lifeform, and following his captain's orders may not be enough.      [~8,000 words]
Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2016

Art by Idess
High School Dogs

      Katasha is the only cat at the high school dance.      [~1,000 words]

Sheeperfly's Lullaby

      A sheep's fairytale.      [~1,400 words]
Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2016
The Rocky Spires of Planet 227

      The Tri-Galactic Navy ship Initiative investigates an unusual rock formation.      [~4,500 words]

Many Tiny Feet

      A reptilian alien rescues a crate of mysterious eggs while working in the ship's cargo bay.      [~1,400 words]


      When you're parenting a five-year-old, your birthday isn't just about you.      [~400 words]
Green Skin Deep

      A reptilian alien forges a tenuous friendship with a sentient plant.      [~800 words]

Hidden Intentions

      A reptilian alien with her cool temper is clearly an ideal choice for babysitting the human captain's larval offspring.      [~600 words]

Dealership with the Devil

      Bob Reaper's Autos may have some ulterior motives when it comes to selling used cars.      [~500 words]

Hidden Feelings

      A reptilian alien with a hot temper keeps her cool around annoying humans.      [~400 words]

Small Smooth Pebble

      The ultimate choice is always at her fingertips.      [~100 words]

Marge the Barge

      A Newfoundland dog is not naturally graceful on the ice, but perhaps a tabby cat can teach her to be.      [~6,600 words]
Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2016
Danger in the Lumo-Bay

      Captain Pierre Jacques and Doctor Waverly Keller, a Sphynx cat and an Irish Setter respectively, set out to spend a pleasant afternoon testing their ship's new lumo-bay.  But are the safeties working???      [~7,400 words]

All the Cats of the Rainbow

      A kitten in a scientist's lab -- what could possibly go wrong?      [~2,200 words]

Shreddy and the Carnivorous Plant

      An angry cat faces his greatest challenge yet when his owner brings home a Venus fly trap.      [~5,200 words]

Take Them to the Happiness Zoo

      A tired mother considers an impossible choice.      [~400 words]

The Mouse Who Was Born a Bear

      Maureen never felt right as a bear.      [~1,200 words]

Cold Tail and the Eyes

      Some cats cannot be owned.      [~2,700 words]


     Maradia considers branching out from robot-design to a new form of nurturing.    [~5,000 words]

Chrysalis Party

     A bittersweet celebration of beginning a new phase.    [~900 words]

Memory Sprites

      A camping trip full of memories.      [~700 words]

FemCloud Inc.

      Every action is a choice.      [~400 words]

Shreddy and the Dancing Dragon

      An angry cat must defend his household from a soul-sucking new game machine.      [~2,800 words]

Katelynn the Mythic Mouser

      A little girl and her cat work magic together.      [~2,500 words]

Tortoise Who

      A mouse is taken on an adventure across time and space.      [~4,000 words]

Pegacornus Rex

      Never leave your 3D printer running unattended.      [~300 words]

A Pearl for Amelie

      While looking through her aunt's old letters, Amelie uncovers an epic tale of academia and the fantastical.      [~3,600 words]

Frankenstein's Gryphon

     Igor the arctic fox learns that his master isn't what he seems.       [~8,400 words]

Shreddy and the Silver Egg

     An angry cat finds himself in charge of a strange, young ward.       [~6,300 words]

Feral Unicorn

     Janie's in over her head when her pet unicorn's horn comes in, and he starts working mischievious magic around the house.       [~4,800 words]


     Darkfoot attacks a moose in the dead of winter, and his relationship with his pack will never be the same.     [~500 words]

Awards:  QuarterReads Featured Story of the Week, September 2015

When a Cat Loves a Dog

     A black cat named Lashonda and her pug dog husband push at the very limits of their society -- socially and scientifically -- in their quest to have a family.     [~37,000 words]
Awards:  Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2014

Songs of Fish and Flowers

     When her witch moves away, a calico cat discovers magic left over in the witch's rose garden.     [~2,300 words]
Birthing Class

     Daniel has a sinister alien life growing inside him.     [~2,700 words]

In a Cat's Eyes

     A Collie pup can never comprehend the depth and mystery behind a Siamese cat's eyes.    [~1,000 words]
Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2013

Shreddy and the Christmas Ghost

     An angry cat faces the true spirit of Christmas -- a rodential poltergeist.    [~6,400 words]
Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2012

Greatest of Them All

     A spirit comes to Earth, seeking a new form.    [~100 words]
  • Commander Annie and Other Adventures, upcoming

Fox in the Hen House

     Can a fox kit be raised by a mother hen?    [~2,200 words]
Awards:  Rainfurrest Writing Challenge, 2nd Place (September 2012); Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2013; Cˇyotl Award for Best Short Story, 2013

The Wharf Cat's Mermaid

     A club-footed kitten living the hard life of a stray in the Fisherman's Wharf discovers that one of the other cats is keeping a secret.     [~8,300 words]

Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2014

The Otter's Mermaid

     An otter inventor takes a trip down the river and loses his heart to a woman of the sea.     [~9,300 words]

The Best Puppy Ever

     Gloria, the Bernese Mountain Dog, would do anything for her masters, but she doesn't know how much she's already done.      [~1,000 words]

Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2014

The Carousel of Spirits

     When Artie finds a ghost haunting his carousel, it's time for him to build a new horse.     [~3,700 words]

Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2014

The Little Red Avian Alien

     Prilla decides to make grassberry crepelets, but none of her friends on Crossroads Station will help her.     [~2,500 words]

Magtwilla and the Mouse

     A pregnant cat makes a fateful choice to protect her kittens.    [~2,000 words]
Awards:  Allasso Editor's Choice Award for Best Dramatic Work (Spring 2012); Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2012

The Most Complicated Avatar

     A woman can't find her 10-year-old daughter in real life...  But, maybe, she can find her online.    [~1,300 words]

Techno Babel (written with Daniel Lowd)

     A parking garage arm gains sentience.    [~2,300 words]

Cyclops on Safari

     A normal day on safari -- in a different world.    [~800 words]

One Night in Nocturnia

     A mad mouse scientist uncovers truths that he should never know.    [~3,900 words]

Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2012

A Real Stand-Up Guy (written with Daniel Lowd)

     A pug dog comedian wrestles with mixed feelings about his on-stage persona.    [~3,500 words]

Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2014

St. Kalwain and the Lady Uta

     A man cursed by the faerie queen must slay a dragon to earn his freedom.    [~8,400 words]
Awards:  Writers of the Future Honorable Mention (3rd Quarter, 2012); Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2012

Lunar Cavity

     Druthel, a delegate from a race of bat-like aliens, seeks the assistance of Wespirtech scientists in averting a catastrophe that faces his world.    [~11,500 words]
Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2015


     Before she's even born, Amanda's death is predicted.    [~4,200 words]
Awards:  Writers of the Future Honorable Mention, (4th Quarter, 2012)

Hot Chocolate for the Unicorn
     The Dragon and Unicorn come calling.    [~1,000 words]
Awards:  Meager Puddle of Limelight for Best Short Story Title, Finalist (July 2012); Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2012

Fetching Asteroids

     Jordan is a Labrador Retriever with a dream.    [~300 words]
Awards:  Allasso Prize for Fiction, Finalist, 2011;  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2011


     If your spaceship is powered by a panda, you'd better keep the panda happy.    [~1,400 words]
Awards:  Writers of the Future Honorable Mention, (2nd Quarter, 2011)

The Canoe Race (with Daniel Lowd)

     When Camp Riverwind closes at the end of the summer, the local animals hold their own summer camp.    [~3,500 words]
Awards:  Coyotl Award for Best General Short Story, 2011 

The Hand-Havers

     At the tender age of one-hand, Delundia falls for a wise old six-handed bachelor.    [~4,700 words]
Awards:  Writers of the Future Honorable Mention, (1st Quarter, 2011)

Where the Heart Is

     Four aliens from Crossroads Station go on a camping trip.    [~4,700 words]
Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2011 

Shreddy and the Zomb-dogs

     An angry cat and an empty-headed Labradoodle must protect their neighborhood from techno-mystically raised zomb-dogs.    [~4,200 words]
Awards:  Nomination for Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2011 

Meet Archive

     A story-telling robot gets lost in his own stories.    [~2,400 words] Awards:  Writers of the Future Honorable Mention, (3rd Quarter, 2010)

Einray and the Biologist

     A physicist and a biologist at Wespirtech get competitive with world-threatening results.    [~4,600 words]

Harvesting Wishes

     Where do wishes come from?  Dandelions?  Genies?  ... Or asteroids?    [~1,800 words]

Little Sandy Starstrong and her Faithful Robot Dogs 

     Growing up among the asteroids with her two robotic dogs, Sandy feels like something is missing.  [~2,200 words]

My Fair Robot

     A patron at the All Alien Cafe tells a tall tale of the pitfalls in looking for true love by constructing it.    [~1000 words]

One Sheep

     There are many paths that a sheep living on a farm may take in life.    [~500 words]

Daisy Chaining

     A boastful young spaceman traps himself into racing a frezzipod through an asteroid field.    [~1,300 words]

Apples in Aruba

     Order carefully at the All Alien Cafe.    [~100 words]

We Can Remember It For You Retail

What happens when memory, technology, love, and digital rights intersect.    [~3,600 words] Awards:  Writers of the Future Honorable Mention, (2nd Quarter, 2009)

The Ambi-Cognitive Man

Two brothers travel to a tiny colony in the far reaches of space where everyone is conjoined twins. They expect to find a place where they belong; instead, they're forced to question the very meaning of individuality.    [~8,700 words] Awards:  Writers of the Future Honorable Mention, (4th Quarter, 2008)

Gerty & the Doesn't-Smell-Like-a-Melon

     Snuffle-snorting around the melon patch, Gerty finds something that does not smell like a melon.    [~2,100 words]
Nominations:  Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction, 2010

Slug Time

     A young scientist struggles against the clock and procrastination to translate thoughts through a direct brain interface with a slug.    [~2,900 words]

The Nebula Was Empty

     Fear the love of a mega-dimensional nebula beast.    [~700 words]

The Kitty Willow

The Necromouser
     An angry cat discovers the techno-mystical ability to raise mice from the dead.    [~2,500 words]
Awards:  Meager Puddle of Limelight for Best Short Story Title, 2nd Place (July 2012)

The Third Wish

     Jealous of his half-brother's elven magic, a fisherman begins studying magic himself.    [~3,000 words]

Emmanuel and the Cannibals

     A colony stranded on an under-evolved world has an unusual response to the introduction of terran bovines.    [~4,500 words] Awards:  Writers of the Future Quarter Finalist, (4th Quarter, 2006)

A Second Enchanted Evening

     Bomani convinces his wife to join him in using memory drugs to make their anniversary more romantic; instead, the drugs force them to face the true state of their relationship.      [~6,800 words] Awards:  Writers of the Future Quarter Finalist, (2nd Quarter, 2006)

Life with the Tumblers
Arlene takes her young son Kyan on a research expedition into an alien culture of sentient trees.    [~5,500 words]
Awards:  Writers of the Future Quarter Finalist, (1st Quarter, 2006)

The Screen Savior

     What happens when a screen saver comes to life...    [~1,400 words]

Forget Me Not

     Can a bad memory be the secret to success?    [~2,600 words]

Of Behemoths and Bureaucrats

     Rhea brings her traveling carnival act to the Hegula Hephaesta mining colony to visit the new sun garden, but she and her Starwhals get caught in a battle for interstellar independence that threatens her three gentle giants.    [~4,000 words] Awards:  Writers of the Future Quarter Finalist, (4th Quarter, 2004)

The Parable of Two Queens

     Can Commander Dyall and his team of translators -- a pair of gengineered parrots -- fathom the minds of myrmecoid warriors from another galaxy well enough to broker peace?    [~3,400 words] Awards:  Writers of the Future Quarter Finalist, (3rd Quarter, 2005)

"Viewers Like You"

    In the future, androids will pay you to watch TV.    [~1,800 words]

My Words Like Silent Raindrops

    A young scientist gets in over her head when she introduces technological telepathy to her friends.    [~4,500 words]  Awards:  Writers of the Future Quarter Finalist, (1st Quarter, 2005)

The Faithless, the Tentacled, and the Light

     Nicole is sent to investigate a mysterious outcropping of buildings in the Banti'phi asteroid belt.  [~5,800 words]
Awards:  Writers of the Future Quarter Finalist, (3rd Quarter, 2004)

Rekindle the Sun

    A dying world may not be the best place to start your life anew.    [~9,300 words] Awards:  Writers of the Future Quarter Finalist, (2nd Quarter, 2004)

The Opposite of Suicide

    Dennis discovers the fragile, fractile nature of his life.    [~1,500 words]

The Genetic Menagerie

    Two cops chase down a rogue scientist, leading them to the fantastical world he's built with genetic engineering.    [~6,600 words]

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